Emma Smith, Founder & Owner of Los Social Ltd, Leigh-on-Sea, specialising in digital marketing

A bit about me.

I'm Emma and I live in Leigh on Sea, Essex with my husband and two young children. We are very lucky to love where we live and embrace the local community and slower pace of life. We support our local businesses, spend a lot of time at the beach, and you'll often see us heading off to Southend Airport to enjoy a cheeky holiday!

I've always wanted to develop my own digital marketing business and spend more time working locally in the hope of gaining a better work/life balance. Since having our children this has become even more important, and I'm lucky enough to have reached a point where I have the opportunity to make this dream a reality. 

I am also committed to our community and have recently become a Leigh Town Council member for the Highlands Ward. You may also see me offering my services to local businesses in need of marketing support at the Lovely Things hub at 191 Leigh Road. I'll be announcing another event at a beautiful Leigh-on-Sea venue very soon.

Los Social Ltd is a digital marketing and social media company designed to offer a personal service to small businesses who need a bit of TLC.

My background.

I have seventeen years experience in the advertising industry, working across many platforms spanning TV, radio, magazines & digital. ITV, Kiss, Magic, Heat, Virgin Radio, Absolute Radio, Yahoo, Tumblr, HuffPost, MSN, AOL: these are just some of the platforms I've helped brands create marketing strategies for.

Regardless of the size of the advertiser or brand, I always work in a collaborative way; identifying the campaign goals; measures of success, defining their target customer and developing a strategy that is right for them. I've tackled countless business challenges, including increasing scale/reach, finding new audiences, launching products, increasing consideration, encouraging trial and driving purchases.

One of my key strengths is 'always looking up' at the bigger picture. I'll help you execute a creative, engaging and energetic campaign.